e.e. cummings, you know

i seem to be crocheting a lot of flower type things right now. i bought this really lovely coral/orange merino wool during winter 2009 to try and knit myself some kind of slouchy beret. to no avail. i found it and played around with my crochet hook last week. the one “modeling hyperbolic space” comes from this really interesting TED talk.


festive decorations!

March 5, 2010

they call the garlands that look sort of like this one over at My Favourite Dress “scallop bunting”, which is where i got the inspiration for mine. i wasn’t really sure what bunting was so i had to look it up – it has apparently (according to our friends around the world and at Wikipedia) evolved from being the the worsted wool fabric used for flags in the British Royal Navy to referring to “any festive decorations made from fabric”.

how lovely! i think i’ll make all sorts of “bunting” from here on in.

theirs are made from some really beautiful vintage and recycled fabrics, mine is from scraps my mom sent me in the mail over a year ago that have been sitting forlorn in the shipping package they were sent in until today. i think it’d probably be easier to use some of that ribbon stuff that comes folded over and around a piece of cardboard (does anyone know what i’m talking about? i think it has a name) but maybe you’d have trouble finding that in the colours you want. i just pressed strips of blue fabric in half and then folded the sides in so it would have a finished seam on both sides.

time to celebrate!

i learned how to crochet in october in austin, tx en route to my adventure in mexico and i have fallen deeply in love with it. it’s so fast and easy! and pretty, no?

this is a shawl i made for a friend of mine (whose name will go unmentioned in case she happens upon this post before i get around to giving this to her) from a pattern in the fall issue of Interweave Crochet. it’s been modified a little bit; the last three rows before the scalloped finish (which i don’t believe was in the original pattern either) are a bit different from the rest of the shawl. that was a mistake, but i was too far past fixing it once i realized i had messed up. i mean i COULD have gone back and fixed it, but i was feeling ready to be done and i thought it looked okay.

the pattern is fairly simple – double crochet shells one row and then 3 ch, 1 dc, 3 ch, 1 sc for the next row…repeat, ad infinitum it feels. i found the hardest part to be starting it off. instead of beginning with a chain, this pattern started with a foundation single crochet, something i hadn’t done before.

i’m pretty happy with it, the colour ended up a bit drab, and if i could afford it next time i would use yarn with more than 10% mohair!