the skirt

May 31, 2010

i wanted the Built By Wendy books to learn pattern making but the library didn’t have any of them and i wasn’t in a place to buy them for awhile. i was able to find Cal Patch‘s book though and made this skirt.

i have the BBW books now but i really like that Cal Patch’s book teaches you pattern making from a blank piece of paper. squaring off is very satisfying.


au revoir, louise

May 31, 2010

louise bourgeois, 1911-2010

making makin’

May 27, 2010

i feel like there’s some motown song where they sing “making makin'” or “makin’ makin'” but i have no idea what it could be. or where i heard it. but you know motown, so ubiquitous a lot of those songs are/were, i think some of us are born already knowing a lot of the Temptations oeuvre. am i wrong?

anyways! i’ve been making lots of stuff. i’m going to post it slowly to draw out the excitement or whatever.

in august i found out my friends Brooke and Alnis were having a baby. in january i ordered a baby quilt kit off of a website my mom told me about. i was living at home for the month so i was able to reap the benefits of being around my mom, not to mention her sweet equipment, which includes a hand-operated fabric cutting machine WIZARD which speeds up the tedious process of cutting. i moved back to toronto in february and didn’t touch the quilt for weeks.  i didn’t get around to finishing it until the day of their april baby shower (i had to get up really early) but it turned out pretty well.

sweet little 3 week old baby hiding his face from the internet

need to get a real ironing board.

making the quilt was fun and really pretty simple. i need to pay some attention to my hand sewing technique; i’m not really sure i’ve ever been taught, but i’m also not really sure that’s the problem. i think maybe a little practice and patience would help a lot.