the shirt

August 4, 2010

my design though i took a page from jenny gordy‘s book.

believe it or not i had this fabric already when she came out with her latest line…i swear!

next time i’m going to try something other than binding to take care of the edges. i didn’t know what to do there so i tried to employ some newly acquired quilting skills with okay results. i do love the shape of it though. about to embark on round two: linen, gianna’s belated birthday gift.


the skirt

May 31, 2010

i wanted the Built By Wendy books to learn pattern making but the library didn’t have any of them and i wasn’t in a place to buy them for awhile. i was able to find Cal Patch‘s book though and made this skirt.

i have the BBW books now but i really like that Cal Patch’s book teaches you pattern making from a blank piece of paper. squaring off is very satisfying.